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Nexus Meets… Artist – Interview with 'Endless Peaks'.

This week we bring you an interview from Bournemouth based four-piece Endless Peaks, who are set for big things in 2018. With their genre of music focusing on indie psychedelic rock, they have managed to catch the attention from the likes of This Feeling. They have also played alongside various established South-Coast artists such as The Diamond Age.
In order to not give anything else away, be sure to take a read yourself below and give the band a follow on their socials and to look out for future releases and shows.


How did ‘Endless Peaks form?

Me (Luis, Bassist) and Lloyd are brothers so we’ve been playing in bands together and individually in various projects for years. In around 2014 we were writing together and realised that the songs that seemed to have a reoccurring sound and worked well as a collection so we laid down some demos and just shelved them.
Whilst Lloyd was still playing as a session guitarist with another group we put out an ad for a drummer and another guitarist on a website that helps musicians connect, which is where we found Chanelle.
After playing as a 3-piece for a while we played some live shows and were eager to get into the studio, but had decided to achieve the fuller, bigger sound that we wanted, we needed something to add that extra depth to our music. So, we went back to the website and put another ad out for a synth/keyboard player, which is where we found Connor who coincidently knew Chanelle from school, small world!
What made you choose the name ‘Endless Peaks’?
We knew we wanted a name that had positive connotations behind it. Endless Peaks to us means, endless possibilities, the sky is the limit, forever ascending.
In a way that is the feeling and ethos, we try to emulate in our music… sometimes.
How do you feel that your individual music influences have impacted the overall sound of the band?
There are a load of bands who we all have a shared love for, and our playing styles are all routed from a similar place but, it’s only really since playing together that it has gotten interesting when it comes to mixing of genres. Now there are times where someone will have been listening to something new or maybe just a bit different to our usual palette and it will come through in the sound when jamming together.
As an example, a lot of Chanelle’s drumbeats are quite broken sometimes which is influenced by old-school funk/hip-hop music and they will help set the tone for a song or influence the dynamic.
We’re all for mixing it up though, the new music we’re working on at the moment is sounding different to anything else we’ve released and that probably stems from the vast range of music we listen to.
In three words, how would you describe the band?
Energetic, climatic and dreamy
What do you consider your favourite release to be so far as ‘Endless Peaks’?
‘Open’ probably sounds best as a standalone single style piece of music, but I think we’re all really proud of ‘Holographic Scene’ it’s also one of the first songs we wrote together but always fun to perform live where it becomes a different beast altogether.
We see you’ve had your track ‘Fairweather’ featured in the movie ‘The Pugilist’. How did that come about?
We’ve been good friends with the guys from Jack in the Box Films (Now West One Entertainment) since the beginning, we’re big fans of what they do and they’re destined for massive things so we were honoured when they asked if ‘Fairweather’ could feature in the film. We didn’t really know how it would fit in with the movie when they explained the story, but when we saw it at the premiere it felt so right. It was great to see how our music could be taken from its original context and given new purpose.
What can we expect of your show at The Joiners for This Feeling on March 2nd?
Good music with plenty of energy!
Do you have plans to do any more gigs or festivals this year?
We do but they are yet to be announced. Be sure to check out endless peaks on Endless Peaks Facebook for updates on upcoming shows and festivals throughout 2018!
What would be considered the ultimate, achievable end to 2018 in your opinion?
We like to think anything we dedicate our minds too is achievable, and we’ve definitely got a lot of fresh new ideas to bring to the table. So far, the start to 2018 has been an interesting year in regards to discovering new sounds between the four of us and we can’t wait to perform and share them with people all over, at festivals and gigs this summer. By the end of the year, we hope to be in an even better position ready to face 2019 head on!
Can we expect any further releases this year?
Yes, we’ve got a release lined up for spring 2018 and we’re busy writing at the moment so our main focus is really to get some new music recorded and out there for everyone to hear this year!

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