Nexus Meets... Artist

Nexus Meets… Artist – Only Sun

We recently got the chance to interview the lively and exciting Indie Rock band Only Sun ahead of their performance at Turtle Tempos Live Night last weekend.

Only Sun are from High Wycombe, comprising of five tiring personalities; Aabid, Daz, Ed, Euan & Taylor. Throughout 2017, they gigged extensively throughout the London scene including headlining The Old Blue Last and Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. They’ve also played at nationally renowned festivals, including Kendal Calling, Camden Rocks and Liverpool Sound City, and gained support from Spotify’s The Indie List, Made in Chelsea and BBC Introducing. After releasing a string of successful records and maturing their sound, they’re keeping busy through 2018 as they release one single every month.

One thing is for sure; behind the self-deprecating front and the quickly decomposing sense of humour, the boys are turning up the heat in the studio and are ready for another year of success.”

Image credit: Faye Callard


If you had to introduce yourself as a band, in one sentence, what would the sentence be?

Hi, we’re Only Sun, we make indie pop tunes that sometimes veer towards indie rock

Why do you think live music nights, like the ones Turtle Tempo put on, are important to emerging artists?

Live music is hugely important to emerging artists because it gives artists a platform to play live and show what they’re all about. It’s all well and good sounding great on record and relying on studio magic to get you by, but being able to play well on stage is a different beast entirely. It also creates a community for music fans and artists alike and discover great bands who you otherwise may not have heard of.
If you could perform with three other independent artists, who would they be and why?

There’s something magical going on in the Birmingham indie scene and we’ve been lucky enough to be up and coming alongside Sugarthief and Riscas. Those boys always smash it. Also, we played on the same bill as the Rascalton lads and they are incredible too. I think that’d be a wonderful lineup.

What, do you think, is the most challenging aspect of performing live?

The hardest part of playing live is definitely trying not to lose momentum and not letting those tiny mistakes snowball into doubting yourself and then playing a bad show. In reality, no one even noticed so it doesn’t matter but you can’t let it affect your performance and stage presence.

Do you have a lot planned for the rest of the year?

Yes! We are releasing a track on the first of every month for the duration of 2018. On the first of July, we released our newest single ‘Youth’ so we’ve been supporting the release of that. We knew it was a big commitment moving into the year, as so much work goes into every release so it adds up. Otherwise, we’ll be gigging frequently in London as well as stretching our wings to Birmingham, Reading, Sheffield and hopefully Manchester. We should have a lot more to announce shortly.


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