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Nexus Meets… Artist – Suzi Island

Tell you what we love more than pretending that the World Cup has come home (is that still a thing?), it’s interviewing emerging bands and artists that are set to make massive waves in the coming few months.

One of these bands are Suzi Island. Consisting of Matt, Hugh and Carlie. This three-piece hail from Brighton and have recently released their second single “Actor”.

We caught up with the band before their Turtle Tempo Live night appearance a few weeks back to put some questions to them and find out their opinion on the importance of live events, how they would introduce themselves and who they would perform with if given the choice of three other independent artists.


If you had to introduce yourself as a band, in one sentence, what would the sentence be?

Genre-bending introspective pop songs wrapped up with a smattering of anxiety, delivered with copious amounts of positivity.

Why do you think live music nights, like the ones Turtle Tempo put on, are important to emerging artists?

Shows like these create incredible moments for audience members. You can stream a record any day of the week, but coming down to a live experience such as this will stay with you for the rest of your life. Promoters such as Turtle Tempo help give us the platform to show audiences what it’s really all about – putting on an exhilarating performance.

If you could perform with three other independent artists, who would they be and why?

TS Graye just released her debut single MY2 which has mad vibes, I’d want to perform with her just to see what the live set is like.

We performed with Stereo Honey back in February and they were awesome, some of the most genuine people we’ve ever met.  We had a great time hanging out after the show.. let’s go with them as well.

Finally, we’d probably go with NAAZ, we’ve mentioned her before, we’d be really excited to properly experience her live show. What better way than to perform with her?!

What, do you think, is the most challenging aspect of performing live?

We might be a bit of an anomaly with this one, ‘cos we love every second of performing live. I mean, the travel is always a bit of a headache – but it’s been so worth it at every show we’ve played yet.

Do you have a lot planned for the rest of the year?

We’ve got some cool shows announced for the rest of this month (See below!!). As well as that, we’ll be releasing so much music before the end of the year. We’ve also been lucky enough to have our song ‘Show Me The Way’ feature on the Pro Evolution Soccer 19 soundtrack, so keep an eye out for that. We’re always on Instagram sharing what we’re up to so if you fancy keeping up to date we’ll only be a click away!

17th July – Green Door Store, Brighton

20th July – The Finbsury, London

28th July – Chiddfest, Sussex

1st August – The Islington, London



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