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Nexus Meets… Artist – Weekend Recovery

Weekend Recovery are a band brimming with attitude, creating a refreshing sound that owes as much to rock n ‘roll as it does pop punk. They are tipped to be huge this year, with festival appearances at Rebellion and Camden Rocks coming alongside their anticipated debut album, ‘Get What You Came For’, released on 17th February. We caught up with the band’s singer/guitarist Lori to discuss the albums sound, how they are feeling ahead of Camden Rocks, and guilty pleasures.
 You’re releasing your debut album ‘Get What You Came For’ on the same day as your show at Camden Rocks. How excited are you about playing Camden Rocks, and what can we expect from the show?
Lori (vocals/guitar): We’re so so so excited! We’ve known about Camden Rocks for a while now, and for the last few years I’ve attended the festival as well as the presents shows. It’s taken a while for us to feel ready to apply to one of the shows, but patience pays off as we were invited almost immediately to play our first presents show!
We’re using the show as our album launch as well – so what you can expect is a brand new set of our new songs, and slightly new style, probably some sort of stage invasion, a free t shirt to a lucky winner and a guaranteed enjoyable night! The other bands on the bill are sick, so its gonna be really cool!
I fell in love with ‘Rumours’ on first listen, the production is massive and to me recalls Joan Jett, AC/DC, and Paramore. How does the sound on ‘Get What You Came For’ compare to it?
 We’ve gone a little more raw with this, the album itself is a lot of anger and frustration that I was overwhelmed with the last year or so of my life, there were a lot of changes, I felt like I lost myself a little, but now I’ve offloaded all my shit, I’m ready to be back. I think it’s a little less produced than Rumours, with a different sound in terms of the music, this has a fuzzier more aggressive sound than our previous pop punk.
 Who else are you looking forward to seeing at Camden Rocks?
 As our show is a presents show there are only the five bands playing, and to be totally honest I couldn’t choose. I always listen to the other bands on our bills and these guys all rock!
What’s the best opening track to an album?
 Hmm, tricky – I think my personal fav is Oh Jenny – it’s what kind of sparked off my frustration over the last year. I don’t like to say what the tracks are about in detail as that’s up to the listener to make their own. Everyone in the band will have a different fav, and I’m as will every listener. But mine is Oh Jenny!
What’s a song that is your guilty pleasure?
I’m not sure I want to admit this but it’s got to be You’re Beautiful by James Blunt, I don’t know why but I just think it’s such a tune haha! It’s my karaoke choice when I’ve drunk too much pop!
Finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2018?
 Well, all our UK dates (I can’t say tour as such as the dates aren’t back to back) but to me it’s as close as tour as I can get with a full time job. So that’s what I’m gonna call it haha! We have some dates in the pipe line for some shows over in the EU, and we’re FINALLY playing Rebellion Festival which I’m more than a little excited about! I think 2018 will be an enjoyable year and one we’ll toast to come 2019!
Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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