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Nexus Meets … Artist – ZEALS

When you think of up-and-coming bands, ZEALS may not be the first name that springs to mind amongst the endless pool of names surrounding the industry at the moment. However, we are sure that once you take a moment to listen to what the band are producing you will be easily swayed to further indulge yourself in the band!
The trio are located just a stone throw away from Bristol, in Weston-Super-Mare to be precise. Perhaps it is the power of three that provides the emotion, excitement and passion that leads ZEALS to bring pop/rock with indie rock sensibilities to the table of both their live and recorded offerings. However, if you plan to sit at this very table and you hunger for a main course of energy, followed by a side order of talent and a host of meaningful lyrics to wash it all down with, then you’ve got your dinner sorted right here my friend.
We had the opportunity to interview lead vocalist, guitarist and all round cool guy Harrisen to fire a few questions at him relating to the band. You’ll find answers about music, questions about music, and…well….more music!

How did each of you get into music when you were growing up?

All of our dads were heavily involved with and into music! 

What made each of you want to be in a band?

I’d say it’s because of the music we all listened to growing up, for Toby and Rob it was quite heavy, dream theatre, Limp Bizkit, Green Day, Blink 182 but I was always more into indie and pop, The Kooks & Mcfly!

Do you note any specific musical influences that have helped to shape your current sound?

A mix of Don Broco, LTA, One Republic & The 1975

We notice that you headlined your first show in Copenhagen recently, talk to us a bit about that.

My dad was on tour with an artist and gave a ZEALS CD to a Danish promoter. The dude got in touch right away and booked us a headline show at a club, can’t complain really!!

Is travelling and taking your music abroad something that you are aiming to do in 2018?


We couldn’t help but notice you worked with Romesh Dodangoda for your EP ‘Ready To Fly’, how was that?

Really great fun, and super productive for the band’s journey. We recorded our first EP with him too, top guy!

What qualities do you feel Romesh Dodangoda managed to impose on you as a band to help shape the EP? 

 He has a very good quality in a way that you can hear everything perfectly, full of satisfying tones, he really captures our sound.

How have you found being on tour alongside Coffee House Sessions and what has driven you to hook up with the team there? 

Its been super, very nice to see the reactions to our songs so up close and personal where the songs are back to the bones of where they came from

Do you have any advice that you would give to up-and-coming bands? 

Be patient and believe in what you’re pushing.

And finally, what else can we expect from ZEALS in 2018? 

A few tours and some new music!!

Following this interview, we will have more content out later this week featuring ZEALS and their latest EP ‘Ready To Fly’.
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