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Nexus Meets… Bambibrains

The solo project for Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jameson Johnson, Bambibrains is Declan McKenna meets King Princess. Trained as a classical cellist, Jameson combines classical knowledge with a powerful pop sound. We speak with Jameson about his latest EP Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea, future plans and much more.

How was Bambibrains formed?

I was studying classical music and majoring in cello at university. It was great, but I was so fixated on the world of an artist and was dreaming of ways to get my foot in the pop music door. I had originally planned to gig cello and use Bambibrains as a platform to start writing for other artists, but I think that was just a musical nurturing stage until I could work up the courage to admit to myself that this is what I wanted to do.

How did you come up with the band name Bambibrains?

It’s a play on my nickname. I’m the baby amongst my family and friends, so they call be Bambi, as in the Italian word for baby. I’m also in my head a lot just overthinking and daydreaming, so that’s the brains part of my name.

What can you tell us about Not Everybody’s Cup of Tea?

Not Everybody’s Cup of Tea is my first release as an artist and I’d like to think that it’s an introduction of sorts to both me and my music. I know it reads as a cliche saying that I struggled to fit in growing up queer, but being cynical towards that struggle would undermine the impact of ostracisation had on my mental health. So, this is my way of being openly authentic, embracing the aches and embodying my eccentricities. The songs are colourful and, above all, I tried to make them storytelling pop.

Do you have a favourite track and why that one?

I change my mind too much to be concrete about a favourite. I love ‘Postcode’, but at the moment I’m favouring listening to ‘Vodka Soda Lies’. It’s got a sentimental 80s vibe that pumps some kind of euphoric nostalgia in me. That feeling seems to really tie in with the emergence of spring or the possibility of summer or even just a hopefulness for the future; whichever feels relevant to right now.

Do you have a least favourite track and why that one?

I’d feel way too guilty naming one. They were recorded a while ago and a lot has changed for me since. I guess I would say there are elements I would change both vocally and production-wise, but that’s just the lens that comes with the territory of hindsight.

Describe Not Everybody’s Cup of Tea in a single word.


What are your future plans?

There is a livestream studio session of the EP tracks coming up, music videos as well, but my focus is to release my first album! Albums were so important to me growing up. Obviously I’m so excited to just keep releasing music, however the path is curved. I have way too much to say and also a need to clear space on my hard-drive, so an album makes sense.

What do you hope people will take from your music and this EP?

I hope people will experience some kind of belief in their authentic self because that is worth believing in. That or they just have a bop and get a momentary escape to a little bit of pop joy.

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