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Nexus Meets… Emma Hunter

The brainchild of Emma Hunter (vocals, guitars and loops) and Tom Bruce (drums), Emma Hunter is a flamenco-inspired duo from the UK. We speak with Emma about her new EP Here I Go, the importance of song placement and future plans.

What can you tell us about the new EP Here I Go?

It explores the world of hidden desires and a fear of letting go. In the first track ‘Here I Go’ we explore a dangerous relationship and the question of ‘should I leave or just forget the pain?’. In ‘Nightingale’ the character of the song hears a beautiful voice and falls in love. It continues the narrative from ‘Here I Go’ and paves the way to her recognising that she needs to move on and take a risk.  It explores quiet, internal desire.

‘Treacle Well’ exists in a different world and is all about a fear of failure and explores the moment of feeling trapped and panicked by self-doubt. It takes influences from Alice in Wonderland in the video and we tried to create a sense of closing in. ‘Window’ explores the concept of duality. The face we present to the world and the assumptions we make about other peoples’ lives. It also explores the fact that so much of what we see around us has two stories –  especially statues of historic figures, things are not always what we think they are.

What inspires you to make music?

I love David Lynch and he has really influenced our sound. When I write songs I like to also consider the visual element of our songs and will often have images which come to mind as I write. Music helps me to understand the darkness within me. We both love performing our music but I think making music is something we both need to do to feel like ourselves.

Was there any specific inspiration when creating the EP?

Some of the songs are written from the perspective of a made-up character called Yolanda. In my mind, she lives in Mexico, somewhere in the past. The songs are a continuation of a story started in our first EP called Sun Blood. It’s easier to write dark, dramatic music from the perspective of someone who isn’t real.

How do you feel Here I Go compares to your previous work?

We very much try to keep a sense of darkness and the influences of David Lynch and Ennio Morricone come through a lot of what we do. We also take inspiration from people such as Imogen Heap in songs like ‘Treacle Well’, but it’s about trying to create a lush, cinematic soundscape. If it sounds like a soundtrack to a film, then it sounds right.

How important do you think song placement is in an album?

We think it’s really important. You are taking your listener on a journey and need to hook them in from the start, establish a sound, surprise them and finish on a big note.

What is your favourite song?

Oh, this is impossible, but ‘Teardrop’ by Massive Attack is Emma’s favourite and ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ by The Libertines is Tom’s.

What is your least favourite song?

‘Crazy Frog’ – why does it even exist? Tom hates ‘Paradise’ by George Ezra.

What can we expect from Emma Hunter in the future?

We are exploring the possibility of an album next and might even go for a vinyl version, so getting back into the studio and also getting out there for more live gigs. World domination would be great, but let’s see how that goes.

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