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Nexus Meets… Industry – Melissa Svensen – Editor of Gigslutz.

Today for Nexus Meets… Industry, we bring you an interview with GigSlutz Editor Melissa!
Melissa has taken time out to discuss her inspirations, career path, potential hot genres of 2018 and much more. We have been delighted to be able to offer further insight into the roles that play such a vital and progressive part of artists’ careers and we hope that you enjoy the read as much as us here at Nexus. So thank you to Melissa and enjoy.
What inspired you to get into music?
I don’t think I can place it that specifically, to be honest! I think music was always around me, just the same as it is with a lot of people, and then as soon as I was old enough I was at gigs constantly. The writing part just sort of happened – I’ve always enjoyed writing so I just put the two together and here we are.
What was your career path in working towards being the editor at GigSlutz?
I’d been writing bits for a personal blog when I was quite young, and then I started writing for Gigslutz when I was in sixth form, and it’s just sort of progressed from there. I took over as Festival News editor in 2016 and then as Editor last year.
What do you feel GigSlutz offers that is unique to other music sites?
I think it sits quite nicely in the middle of being super professional and a ‘blog.’ Our team of writers are really talented, and all write incredibly well, but that doesn’t stop there being an air of fun/personality about it, which I really like!
Who do you note as being a specific influence on your style of job?
No one in particular, as rubbish as that sounds! It was more so just reading the likes of NME and Q growing up, so perhaps I should just credit all the writers in them.
What is it that makes music journalism and being editor in a music capacity so fulfilling for you?
Obviously, the actual writing part of it for me is fulfilling because it’s the perfect creative outlet for me; I get to write (which I love doing) about stuff that I love. As for the editor part, it’s just nice to be able to work with other people, discover what they’re enjoying (and I admittedly really enjoy correcting other people’s grammar).
Have you got any predictions for 2018 for what the next hot genre will be?
There’s so much coming out that spans a million different genres, I don’t think I could possibly pin it down to one. I’ve been enjoying slightly off-kilter pop at the moment, so that’s my personal hot genre…
What does your daily routine look like?
I’ve just finished uni, and I’m still working in retail so Gigslutz/editing and writing goes alongside other things. It’s quite nice that there’s not really a routine to it. I’ll reply to emails and post pieces as and when I can, and then the writing comes when I have time and when I think of something. I suppose the lack of structure makes it easier to be creative as it doesn’t feel forced.
What does a band have to do in order to catch your attention?
Ooh, that’s tough. A lot of it’s just luck – when I get so many emails there are always ones I’m going to miss and ones that I’ll just happen to click on. I think just knowing how to pitch themselves is the main thing, not sending half-assed, badly written emails. I think a lot of bands catch my attention when I see them live. Just having a good show is the best thing.
What are the most important things you look for in a press release when aiming to feature a band?
Like I said before, just knowing how to sell yourself. And not missing out bits of information – don’t tell me you have an EP coming out and not give me a name/release date. Quotes are always nice too!
What advice would you give to emerging journalists and editors?
Stick with it! I’ve had so many people telling me I’m never going to make any money from it and trying to put me off, so I’d say just don’t let it.

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