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Nexus Meets… Lava Suit

Hailing from Germany, Lava Suit is a brand new indie-folk meets post-rock solo project. Using an ambient and wistful sound, Lava Suit has honed a haunting, anthemic and emotional sound. We had a chance to speak with Lava Suit about his new single ‘Follow’, music videos and much more!

Can you tell us the backstory to ‘Follow’?

‘Follow’ is my third single and is an ambient trip of melancholy and emotion and deals with the challenges of navigating the complex paths of life and how difficult it is to walk the path alone. The search for companionship and guidance is a constant need which is, to a large extent, an illusion because, ultimately we are alone. Perhaps true strength lies in trusting our inner spirit animal and setting ourselves free, letting go of fear and embracing the unknown.

What was the writing and recording process like for the single?

I have my own studio here in Frankfurt and I wrote and recorded the song myself over a week or so in July this year. I then did the mixing remotely while travelling through Europe in August and have great memories of sitting on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Italy and Lake Lugano in Switzerland with my headphones on mixing the track. Very inspiring sessions, I think these settings – being outside in the imposing beauty of nature – also helped me connect with the song’s “soul” which is not always that clear when you’re stuck inside a studio.

In terms of lyrics, I again collaborated with author and lyricist Ramon Rabie who lives in Thailand. Together we shaped the story behind the song. I worked with Ramon on my previous single ‘Candle Wax Memory Meltdown’ as well; he has an amazing ability to connect with a song’s flow and feeling and then writes amazing lyrics that really fit and engage. It’s really fun and easy writing with someone that is on the same creative wavelength.

What can you tell us about the official music video for ‘Follow’?

The video concept was inspired directly by both the song’s meaning, as well as its overall ethereal dreamy energy which creates a sense of both open space but also emotional intensity and mystery. We tried to bring that across in the video using contrasts between open forests and landscapes cutting to being lost inside the forest mists searching for a way out to visualise this energy.

Did you face any challenges when filming the video?

We sourced stock footage to tell the visual story behind the lyrics and, therefore, did not have any filming challenges as such, although sourcing and editing a convincing and engaging video that fit the song’s mood and message was quite a challenge. Also, the video was all done on an iPhone which can be a bit of an editing challenge.

What inspired the music video?

The song’s lyrics are a core element of the song’s theme and meaning and the video provides the perfect visual storyboard to bring these lyrics to life. The video tells a story of a woman and her companion dog navigating misty forests and pathways looking for the light at the end of the darkness. The dog is set free, running ahead to find the way, which is perhaps the liberation both need.

What advice would you give emerging artists who are looking to enter the music industry?

There are so many artists out there all working hard and trying to make an impact and it can feel like quite a daunting and demotivating environment in today’s crowded social “marketplace”. So, I guess this made me realise that it is important to make music for the right reasons – I do it for the fun of the creative process and not for other people.

When you do decide to put out music and start promoting your “brand” whether on socials, to record labels, radio stations, etc. Be sure to do it professionally and put in the care and effort your music deserves. There are many examples of bands that do this well – insane quality songs, recordings and videos with a really compelling brand on tight budgets. In today’s crowded scene you just cannot afford to have a mediocre product or brand if you want to make some kind of lasting impact.

How would you describe your music?

I wouldn’t want to imply limits by categorising my sound but would describe it as a melodic, ethereal, melancholic dreams. If you like a dose of nice emo/folk-inspired post-rock that make take you back in emotional reminiscence to your happiest memories or saddest day, then you might like Lava Suit. I use this project to indulge a bit creatively with no boundaries or expectations going into the songwriting process.

I try to keep to relatively stripped-down productions of guitar, piano, synth, beats and my harmony-laced vocal approach aiming to create a bit of a sonic and emotional journey that is still catchy. Lava Suit is, at its core, an original music project, but I also love re-interpreting favourite classics into my own unique sound. One example of this is the recently released cover of Pearl Jam’s classic ‘Nothingman’.

Do you have any future plans?

Although I’ve been writing these kinds of songs my whole life, Lava Suit has given me renewed focus so it really feels like I’m just getting started. I’m busy recording the next single at the moment with about another ten songs written just waiting to be recorded. So, the plan is to work towards an EP/album release next year. A collab with another artist, maybe some female vocals, would be really fun. Some small intimate shows here in Europe are definitely in the pipeline as soon as the world normalises again.

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