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Nexus Meets… Maurice Flavel’s Intensive Care

Described as “big sounding gospel grunge”, Australian group Maurice Flavel’s Intensive Care “provides nurturing for the broken-spirited masses who are stuck with him in the cave of life.” We had the honour of speaking with Maurice about their album Heal Me, meeting celebrities and future plans.

What is the backstory to Heal Me?

It is an accumulation of songs which I have been writing over a long period of time. We wanted to wait until we had saved up enough money in the band to be able to do a quality sound recording without a rush. I wanted it to be a well thought out and produced album, as you can hear. Most of the songs are about my own experiences in life.

The title track is about my cousin who has had a very, very hard life being a single mother with two children, one with a disability. She has had her face disfigured from cancer and was sexually assaulted. She is one of the strongest and kindest people you could meet.

Which is your favourite single on the album and why?

I haven’t really listened to it much after being mixed and mastered, but I really like ‘Cover Your Tracks’ because of the feel and the mix of my vocals with the girls in the background.

What do you hope people will take from the album and your music in general?

Listening to the album that is well thought out, mature music that wasn’t recorded over a weekend pissed with your mates or aimed at a 12-year-old.

What was the writing and recording process like for the album?

The writing process was the easy part as we have been playing some of the songs for a while and were well rehearsed before going into the studio. The mixing was the hardest part as we have recorded a lot of actual music on the tracks and the recording guy was cooked so we had to get it mixed elsewhere.

Describe your music in three words.

Joy Division sings Elvis.

What inspires your sound and who influences your music?

The sound is just the five of us writing songs together without trying to sound like another band. I own a record store so I listen to music as my job continually, but personally I’m influenced by my fellow band members and their input.

If you could meet any celebrity who would it be and why?

Sofia Vergara, enough said!

If you could tour with any musician who would it be and why?

DEAD: Jimi Hendrix. ALIVE: Robert Plant, just so I could sit and relax after singing and watch them play so I could be inspired and know that the next gig I could do the same and watch them again and again.

Do you have any future plans?

To just continue recording and playing as I have a lifetime of songs and plenty more to record. We are in the process of starting to record a four-track EP with full production. Hopefully, when the world is Covid-safe, tour our recordings and play to anyone who will listen.

Do you have a message for our readers?

Don’t be influenced by what music is being fed to you. Go out and explore the influences of the bands you love.

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