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Nexus Meets … MINATORE.

MINATORE are a duo based out of Nottingham who are best known for their unique style of music. The two piece describe themselves as “Alternative Progressive Punk Grunge Rock with a touch of Samba or #HASHROCK”. Throughout the interview we dive into what HASHROCK is, how the band came about and much more.
Hey Tommy! So firstly tell me about Minatore. Where and how did it all begin?
Two skeleton men coming together like brothers to share energy and the power of music to all around! I had heart issues, Morgan had cancer, we came out of the other side, and really bonded, I think its clear in our music, or if you see us live this connection.
For our readers that haven’t heard your music before, how would you describe it?
We’ve been described before as Progressive Punk Alternative Rock with a swing. Its pretty accurate.
You talk a lot about sharing ‘the joy’. I think in today’s music scene this is important. What does sharing ‘the joy’ look like to you?
What it is not, is believing the hype about Rock n Roll the Booze the drugs the taking advantage of fans and wrecking wherever you go to be edgy. Its The joy of being alive, the joy of being able to express music into peoples minds that make them happy and feel connected and that there’s something bigger than themselves, something we’re all connected to it. Finding the people who want the same stuff, its sharing the joy!
Your band is a two piece, which is something I find very exciting. What made you decide to be a two piece?
The idea to make a two piece band started about 10 years ago when my old band ended/ I really would have loved to have started a band with them and done what I’m kinda doing now. Seeing bands like Haggard Cat and White Miles really pushed what i thought could be done with this set up. Im gonna throw out there that i really miss playing bass.
You’ve been around this industry a long time, in a band “The Tommys” what’s your most interesting memory of this?
Good or bad my memories of the Tommy’s are all so crazy its hard to even say anything that would sound true. It would be easy to say supporting and hanging out with Lemmy, Honestly, now i think back then and how strong and powerful the rest of my band was, no matter what ever happened, every night, on stage playing harder, louder and better than whoever we played with. Getting to see that raw energy. Francesca Robinson is still my favourite drummer in the world.
Do you think the industry is changing and if so in what way?
The industry has got to change, its still coke and look at me on a small level. The best scene in the uk right now, is all the bands and groups, mainly led by women, forcing change. Being a transgender man I welcome this, and hope that it continues to involve and include Trans and non binary people and People of Colour. There are going to be angry men, who feel they have had something taken away, but there are people in this society who have been excluded, its time for change and no one can stop it.
Hashrock” is something you’ve created to bring bands together, but for people who don’t know, what is this and why is it so important?
The term Hashrock was suggested by KMA Ricky, after i explained what i was trying to do. I’m not a one man mission, and its not something that even needs a name, but basically. Its normal for bands to not work together, to think everyone is a rival, to be worried, We are artists, we create, we have to work together, create something and be part of something bigger than ourselves. I think its important in a time where people are feeling lost and disillusioned with everything. that they can call up a bunch of people in fellow bands and ask for advice or help. Its a community.
What bands do you think we should be looking out for this year? Who’s got you excited?
The bands I’m excited about this year, from the uk, SCREECH BATS, babe punch, haggard cat, Weekend Recovery, T.O.W.E.R.S, and a little ore out there, Bone Cult, Pretty Addicted. From the States, Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown (*best live band around) Turbulnt Hearts, The Last Gang. Go out, find those little struggling bands yourself! Put shows on!

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