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Nexus Meets: My Favourite Nemesis

I have been very impressed with My Favourite Nemesis as they make bruising metalcore with an emotional edge. This is evident on their new EP “We Annihilate I”, as the music hits the soul. I wanted to know more about the EP and how they feel about playing the  Uprising festival,  so i interviewed their singer Sanna for a quick Q and A. 

How has the reaction been to the new EP?

The feedback we have received has been fantastic. Many have said the new songs are the best My Favourite Nemesis so far. We didn’t intentionally go for any major changes, but this release could be described as a natural evolution of the band. Overall, the EP sounds more honest and less polished than our older releases. “We Annihilate I” has also been praised for the variety of the songs and its production. 

The songs on the EP have a punchy groove to them but also sound massive. Who were your influences when writing the EP?

We have a very broad spectrum of musical role models because we come from different backgrounds. We never try to copy anyone, nor did we deliberately take inspiration from anyone at the songwriting stage. Everyone in the band was more involved in the songwriting process than before, and we are very proud of the result.

The lyrics on this EP are more darker and I think  they compliment the songs really well, especially on “A Paradox You Seek.” 

Thank you. “A Paradox You Seek” is about past mistakes and understanding how they shape us. It’s a pretty gloomy song, but I still think you can find a bit of hope in it.

We started writing lyrics for this EP around the time that Russia invaded Ukraine. At that time, everyone’s spirits were down and despair was spreading across Europe. Naturally, it also influenced the songwriting process. For this EP we wanted to write about important subjects, such as war, greed, and mental issues, so the end result is a little darker than our previous releases.

Can you tell me any funny stories from the recording sessions?

Once I was tracking guitars with our guitarist Joel Aav, and we had just finished recording all the tracks for one song when the computer crashed. It wasn’t funny back then, but now we can laugh about it.

Also, one time our guitarist Janne Suominen was tracking vocals to ’A Paradox You Seek’ with our singer Janne Piela, and they could not quite figure out what would work for the breakdown. Then Janne S. said ”Just yell “YAAAHH” and “YYYHH” at the end of the lines and we’ll see if that works”. It ended up sounding hilarious in a good way, so we decided to keep them. Just a great example of how these things can come up together on the spot.

You’re playing Uprising Festival in May. What can we expect from your set, and who else are you looking forward to seeing?

Our set is going to be amazing! We’ll play a few songs from the new EP, and our most popular old tracks. It’s going to be so much fun. There are many great bands playing Uprising Festival, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Katatonia, as it’s been a while since the last time. Brujeria also appears interesting.

Finally, what are you currently listening to at this moment? Thanks.

Lately I’ve been listening to Sylosis, Ihsahn and Spiritbox. 

“We Annihilate I” is out now, and you can listen to it here. My Favourite Nemesis are playing Uprising Festival on the 29th April.

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