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Nexus Meets… Pylon Heights

Long before Pylon Heights came into existence, the founding (and only) members Chris and Jon had cultivated a firm friendship. It was only in 2016, after Jon graduated from university, that the lads began writing music as Pylon Heights…all in the sweltering heat of Jon’s attic room no less. We chat with the dazzling duo about their upcoming single ‘Midsummer’ (set for release on 25/9), future plans and more.

How was Pylon Heights formed?

Time + beer + friends = band.

What is the backstory to ‘Midsummer’?

‘Midsummer’ is about explaining that feeling of hindsight. When you are looking back at a memory and you can pinpoint the precise moment when you made the wrong decision. Like, “fuck me, why did I do that?”

What was the writing and recording process like?

We wrote ‘Midsummer’ about a year ago now. After The Arizona EP, we thought it was time to revisit some tracks that we had on the backburner and tackle them with a renewed sense of purpose! We added some more percussion. We didn’t have a cowbell, so we used a pint glass and a biro!

Eventually, we decided that it needed a woman’s touch. We approached our friend Heather a couple of months ago and tracked some vocals with her.

If you could change one thing about ‘Midsummer’, what would it be and why?

Chris: I would just make the “whole” thing backwards since I think that’s the coolest bit.

Jon: I would probably speed it up and add a bigger beat. Big beats are the best.

What was the most exciting part of recording ‘Midsummer’?

Probably getting Heather in to track some vocals! As soon as we got her recorded on ‘Midsummer’, we both immediately knew that it was what had been missing all along. We love collaborating since it’s fun to work with new people!

Describe your music in a single sentence.

We’re still figuring it out; can you tell?

What are your future plans?

Chris has decided he wants a motorbike. In terms of music, we have a few singles up our sleeves. We have very long sleeves.

What do you hope people take from your music?

We want to reach out to people through the shared experiences that we explore in our lyrics and music. We feel like that’s something we did with ‘Midsummer’ because we think everybody, at some point, has regretfully dreamt about time travel.

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