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Nexus Meets… Sonic Break

Sonic Break, from Vancouver, are exciting because they blend a unique combination of grunge and pop. In addition to gaining a reputation in Canada, their debut single ‘Collide’ has over 50,000 streams on Spotify. Furthermore, this mix of genres has boosted their reputation on the live circuit, leading to the band being signed by Live Acts Canada.

The bands’ new single ‘Spaceman’ shows how their ambitions are shiting to something bigger. They worked with acclaimed Canadian producer Darren Grahn (Metallica, Bon Jovi). With Grahn’s support, the band have created a song with soaring harmonies and catchy guitar riffs. I interviewed the band ahead of the songs’ release. I spoke to them about what it was like to work with Grahn, and which artists are ones to watch in 2020.

What does ‘Spaceman’ represent to you, and can you tell me the creative process behind it?

Spaceman is a song about that person you know in your life who is bursting with potential yet has been struggling. It is an upbeat and hopeful song that chronicles that person’s refusal to let failure stand in the way of their dreams and the inspiration that everyone around them experiences in the event of their ultimate meteoric rise.

The inspiration for Spaceman came about when we were making a conscious effort to write music designed to make the listener feel good. As soon as I played the guitar riff the band immediately knew we had something special. Everyone’s parts immediately gelled and our lyrics fit together as if we had sat down and planned it out ahead of time when in fact we were singing spontaneously in the moment. We still reflect on how cool it was that the two different vocal parts worked out in such a complementary fashion as if this song was meant to be.

‘Spaceman’ is produced by Darren Grahn, who previously worked with Bon Jovi and Metallica. What made you want to work with him and how has he helped shape your sound?

We feel very fortunate to have Darren Grahn on our team. To have a professional in the industry with his experience who believes in us has been inspirational.

He has helped us pay attention to the details that take our songs to the next level – improving lyrics, adding emotion to vocal melodies, arranging songs to keep the listener engaged, tastefully placing guitar licks, and putting in the hard work amongst countless other details.

If you could play any festival, whch one would it be and why?

Lollapalooza – because we grew up going to this festival and it would be a dream come true. Coachella – because this would mean we’ve made it big, and British Summer Time – because who wouldn’t want to play Hyde Park!!

Which artists do you think will make it big in 2020?

Finneas – what a great songwriter. He will explode. After watching his live performance of Let’s fall in Love for the Night on Jimmy Fallon I am a believer. Rex Orange County – just an old soul songwriter with a distinctive vocal tone which sets him apart. Black Pistol Fire – listen to their single Lost Cause and you will get it. 

‘Spaceman’ is released on the 21st February.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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