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Nexus Meets… Stromer Hills

The embodiment of originality and authenticity, Canadian singer-songwriter Stromer Hills (also known as Zachary Skarzynski) brings a unique pop sound to the masses. We speak with Stromer Hills about his new single ‘if u like the way i walk’, inspiration and future plans.

What drew you to music?

Really just loving the energy of live music since I was a little kid and how it makes me feel like I’m on top of the world.

What or who inspires you to make music?

That’s a deep one for me. My passion for music really comes from a deeper meaning than just making songs that sound good or writing about personal drama. In a world filled with endless negative forces, I feel a moral obligation to be the change that I want to see and influence in a positive and constructive way, especially with the youth. Music is just my way to get them to listen.

What can you tell us about your single ‘if u like the way i walk’? Does it have a backstory perhaps?

It happened so fast and naturally that I instantly knew it was the song for me. The story painted in the song is one you could call “airport love”, where you see some cute girl at the airport and you make eye contact and click but you know you’ll never see them again; then you start thinking what if what if? It’s just light-hearted really and I feel like everyone has experienced that in some way shape or form. 

What do you hope people take from the song and your music in general?

I really hope that it can make people feel good. Maybe a few inspiring words can change the way they go about their day, so maybe they go into that meeting with the confidence they needed and get the job, or finally feel the motivation to get in shape. Whatever it happens to be, I’m a strong believer that all it takes is a little nudge to get moving in the right direction. Us humans don’t need a lot, but a little love can make a difference.

Why did you opt to create a lyrics video for the track?

I feel like it helps define and bring out the story of the song with the drawn-out animations and colourful moving words. It’s almost like reading a book but with all the senses covered, except smell. We’re not that advanced yet, or are we?

But now, my incredibly gifted and very hard-working friend, Billy Bennet, and myself have worked tirelessly on an incredible music video and it’s on the way very shortly. My best one yet I have to say. So stay tuned!

Did you have any challenges creating the video?

Yes, my computer was lagging as I was doing the animations, so I had to continuously wait for it to load before starting the next bit every ten seconds. My laptop sounded like an F16 fighter jet the whole time and it took 13 hours to render. The things I do for y’all.

What is the most exciting part of being a musician?

Oh, I must say that it’s the fans who approach me to tell me that my music has changed their life or that it’s helped them through difficult situations. I don’t think “exciting” is the right word to describe it though, it’s just incredibly meaningful to me. To be able to impact someone’s life in such a high capacity, at least from the stories the fans tell me, is an ability that I absolutely would not trade for anything else. That’s my mission on this earth. 

Do you have any future plans as Stromer Hills?

But of course. An epic music video for ‘if u like the way i walk’ is right around the corner. Stay tuned!

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