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Nexus Meets… The Unfound

The Unfound have bags of energy. I was a massive fan of their last song ‘Sooner Or Later because their passion was evident. Now, they’re back with a new song, ‘Monochrome’, which shows their ambition while keeping their melodic sound. The Damn Truth drummer Dave Traina worked with the band to help achieve this, and I interviewed them to talk about the recording process.

Monochrome was produced by Dave Traina. What made you want to work with him?

When we got the chance to meet with Dave, we knew from the first moment that we wanted to work with him. His reputation as a record producer and with “The Damn Truth” speaks for itself.
He understands what we are going for with our sound and directs us in the right path to make that happen.

I think that the video for ‘Monochrome’ captures the passion and energy of your sound very well. What was the inspiration behind it?

Since our first music video “Sooner or Later” was very story, and character-driven, we wanted to finally showcase our live performance in “Monochrome”. Our live performances have high energy and can be described in one word: chaos. It was directed by our lead guitarist Alberto
D’Onofrio, and it was great to have a band member direct the video because of course, he understands the vision of the band and what we want to portray. Alberto loves documentary filmmaking and blurring the lines between documentary and fiction, which is evident in this video. The cinematography was designed to match the intensity of the performance.

Lyrically the song deals with depression and being in a dark place. What are the best methods of coping with depression and improving your mental health?

For us, it was using music as a means of catharsis, but we’re not mental health professionals and it’s not for us to say for other people. Everyone is different.

If you could tour with any artist, who would it be?

If we had the chance to tour and open for Muse or The Killers, that would be a dream come true. They are a big inspiration to us.

Which artists are you tipping to be massive in 2020?

The Blue Stones had a big 2019 in Canada – so we can see them growing even more at the start of this decade.

Monochrome is released on the 21st February.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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