Nexus Vs TUNE New Music Playlists

Nexus Vs Tune New Music Playlist WC /17/09/18

As we release this weeks playlist in conjunction with our friends over at Tune New Music Playlist, we are confident that you’ll find something to your taste. We have a selection of artists that are all doing incredible things and making waves in their own right.

Last week we featured Screams From The Sun in a review. Their track makes these weeks playlist and the accompanying article can be viewed here. Another artist that we reviewed last week, Dancing On The Tables, has claimed a spot this week also. You can catch the review of the bands’ new release ‘Colour Me Good‘ right here.

Be sure to let us know about your favourites from this week and tell us who we need to include/review in the following weeks!

Additionally, please don’t forget that if you wish to submit tracks to our playlist, please join our Facebook group: Nexus Music Blog Playlist Submissions. For all other enquiries such as reviews, please follow the directions in our “About” section.

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