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Nick Byrne's Talent Shines Through With 'Through The Tall Grass' EP

Artist Nick Byrne released Through The Tall Grass EP in 2016 and for some reason, we are only now just coming across this fantastic piece of music now. The EP itself feels as if it draws inspiration from artists such as Bon Ivor, with an atmospheric feeling lifting you up and helping you drift through the five-track EP.
Through The Tall Grass has a variety of offerings with uplifting, emotional and dreamy folk that is enough to fulfil any music listeners needs. If what you are looking for is imaginative and thoughtful songwriting, amongst a backdrop of instrumentation that fits the mood of an EP like a glove then this as an offering is simply majestic and perfect in equal measure. Our favourite track from the EP is ‘This Town‘. With a feeling of nostalgia and something uniquely vintage embedded within the arrangement makes for great listening.
Nick is sure to bring even bigger things his way in 2018. With a clear display of talent on offering throughout this EP, we wish Nick all the best for 2018.


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