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Oxbloods flex their ambitious muscles on debut EP ‘Collisions'

Oxbloods were formed at university in 2016. Influenced by artists such as Paramore and Young Guns, they are a band driven by a love of playing music. This is evident in their songs, which blend soaring, poppy hooks with a rock edge that sets them apart. Later this month, they will sel release their debut offering, Collisions. The production is raw, yet stands out to bring the catchy melodies to the fore, while the reverb gives the songs character.
The intro is a synth with layered sweeping effects. This could display a calmness to ease the listener into the EP. It transitions into ‘Alpha’, a track with an atmosphere fit or stadiums. The synths and big guitars help create a feeling of optimism, filling the listener with joy. There is also a mini breakdown, but it eels superfluous and forced. The lead single ‘Clinton’ demonstrates the band’s pop sensibilities. A stunning vocal performance and a driving drumbeat leads into a tasty chorus with a strong bite. The “woah’s” in the background work nicely, the gritty solo showing off their potential.
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As the EP progresses, there’s hints of where the bands’ dedication can take them. This is emphasised by the gigantic production, manifesting itself on ‘Minefield.’ The soulful, honest vocals pack a strong punch, while the lyrics are sung with meaning and emotion. This sets the tone for the rest of the EP. ‘Vagabond’ shows how high the chemistry in the band is because all the instruments are maximised to effect, with a slow middle eight building anticipation for the chorus.
‘Collisions’ is a perfect introduction to Oxbloods. The band understands the importance of a catchy melody, as there are plenty on here to keep the listener satisfied. If you like stadium bangers that feel fresh, Oxbloods are the band for you.
‘Collisions’ is out on April 20th.
Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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