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Oya Paya create music with a fiercely strong DIY approach. Hailing from different parts of the world, but based in Liverpool, Ashwin, Saam, and Maxime mix indie rock and hip hop with worldwide influences making for a distinctive cocktail of melodic, home-made feel-good tunes. It’s a unique concoction, helping them get exposure on BBC Radio 1 and reach a wider audience. They are back, with a new EP, Ʊyə Paɪ, three tracks that build on their musical palette, showing off their undeniable chemistry.
Ʊyə Paɪopens with the infectious ‘Put My Record On.’ It sounds like nothing else you’ve heard this year, a punchy rhythm, and a ridiculously catchy hook driving the track forward. The bass is pushed high up in the mix, blending beautifully with the 80s-esque synths, while the whistles in the background and the intriguing chord progression keeps the listener intrigued. The chorus is the best part of the song. The chemistry and passion is evident, while the use of a vocoder towards the end gives the track a slightly galactic feel.
What makes Oya Paya so brilliant is their ability to bring different styles together while staying true to their D.I.Y roots, showing that the production quality doesn’t always matter in order for a band to build a following. This is demonstrated superbly in ‘Trip Advisor.’ It may well be Oya Paya’s best track so far, stripped down acoustic guitars combining wonderfully with layers of raw vocals. In comparison to ‘Put Your Record On’ it brings things to a relaxing level, the stunning harmonies making for an epic journey. In the midst of the floating production, there is a rap and reversed guitars, spicing things up.
The blissed out atmosphere continues on the EP’s closing track, ‘Just Around the Bend.’ There’s a meandering guitar riff, which repeats itself throughout the song, enhancing the chilled out feel. The lo-fi vocals are very low in the mix, but they still pack a punch, particularly in the chorus. Another example of the minimalist production is the guitars, which are unpolished and raw. However instead of sounding bland, this only adds to the charm, putting the listener in a mellow state. The succulent harmonies sound perfect when blended in with the guitars, bringing things to a calm finish.
Ʊyə Paɪis the perfect example of a band who are in it for the music and are not here to be pigeonholed. This makes for a fun, refreshing listen, justifying the praise Oya Paya are currently receiving.
Ʊyə Paɪyə is available to listen on Spotify.
Words by Ermis Madikopoulos
Feature photo: Ryan Jafarzadeh

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