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Pompadour Set To Release Ambitious New Track ‘Absinthe’.

Pompadour might very well be a new band on the scene, but they have stamped their foot down with an authoritative step. The three-piece, consisting of Tamsin Sayers (Lead Vocals, Bass, Songwriter). Kearney Day (Guitar, Backing Vocals) and Toby Holbrook (Drums, Backing Vocals) come from the genre of Indie-Rock and credit Arctic Monkeys, Circa Waves, Catfish and The Bottlemen and Royal Blood as influences for their sound.

Formed in early 2018, Pompadour have produced their latest track titled Absinthe in true DIY fashion, with the recording and production process being done entirely by the band and set for release on the 29th June.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 11.14.35.png
Image Credit // Rex Photography

Absinthe begins with a steady build-up, providing a favourable tension and release technique which contributes towards the overall impact that the track offers to listeners. And these same listeners won’t be disheartened by the DIY approach that the band have taken in their production, with all elements being woven to create a fantastic release by Pompadour.

I believe that with the correct amount of guidance, there can be additional changes in the mix to really have the vocals stand out as they do, whilst feeling more connected to the mix. In parts, it felt as if the vocals were really far out, which isn’t a bad thing as the placement of the vocals is always unique. However, that being said, my personal preference would be to have them sat more comfortably amongst the other instruments and effects.

On the whole, Pompadour can be extremely proud of their ambitious effort to capture further attention, which we see them having no problem achieving.

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