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!!Premiere!! SAHARAS Emit An Effervescent Vitality With ‘Shake My Fever’

Windsor based four-piece SAHARAS have become one of the most unique and creative outfits that have landed in front of us here at Nexus. Providing a sense of youthfulness and exuding energy in every release, it is no wonder that we remain more than happy to bring you their music.

To mark the start of your weekend, SAHARAS have kindly released their dynamic, upbeat and spacey track ‘Shake My Fever‘. The sound may come as a bit of a shift from their previous releases for those of you who are keen listeners. The band have been shaping their sound over recent months to give more of an emphasis to their guitar riffs which pays off massively with this release. With every note, you can’t help but nod along, whereas the more adventurous amongst you can let loose.

The vocals surmount to a catchy hook that will have you shouting ‘Shake My Fever‘ along with lead singer Nando Rocha as his vocal talents are delivered with a distinct and characterful level of self-assurance. The track overall sets the weekend off just right and will be a welcome addition to any playlist, so be sure to make it apart of yours and show the band some love!

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