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Premiere // Voodoo Bandits Release Inspired ‘Psych Beach’.

Voodoo Bandits, a band based out of The Isle of Man who are expanding their music and reach across the very waves that separate them from us over here in mainland UK at Nexus HQ. Having their latest release proverbially para dropped into our laps (really email, but you know, sounds cooler, right?), we have had no hesitation about featuring the band as a premiere on-site.

Their latest release proves that the band have an incredible amount of potential, and are also able to showcase their ability to provide something incredibly unique. To take on a sound that almost reminisces summer going into the festive period is bold, it is not something that most bands would do. But this prompts conversation about the meaning behind the track and the simplicity of the idea, which provides a certain depth that may not have come from this being released around the summer. Plus, we could all do with a little seasonal uplift, right? Of the track, the band have said that:

“‘Psych Beach’ is a bright and bouncy track acting as a metaphorical place to visit when escaping the trials of life. The song has a fast beat, alongside a tight chorus and catchy hook. The track varies from Voodoo Bandits previous singles; however, it maintains the indie-pop vibe and contagious energy exclusive to this group.”

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