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Quinn Delivers A Flavourful Offering With Latest Single ‘All The Best’.

It’s Monday, the week is just beginning and depending on the sort of person you are that’s a glass half full/half empty sort of situation. But we at Nexus have one vital ingredient to making sure that you come out of this with positivity so infectious that you can’t ignore it*. We hear you asking what that little ingredient is… Well, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s easy to obtain by clicking the video below and comes in the form of the latest Quinn track ‘All The Best‘.


Quinn is undeniably the personification of personality at the very core. Now headed up as a solo venture by head honcho Sam, it’s not going to take much imagination for you to jump into the world that he pens, performs and portrays.

What Sam brings to the table is a fresh feeling of nostalgia with a modern twist. A reimagining of classic catchy goodness, bottled and unleashed into a scene that’s begging for more experimentation along the lines of this track. And we mean experimentation in the sense of artists happily stepping outside their comfort zone. Sam offers much more than just a track through this experimentation. It’s a statement that Sam has doubled down on, that what Quinn stands for is as much about the love for the music that is created and released, as it is about your love, enjoyment and interpretation also.

All The Best‘ feels like the very best track Quinn has released thus far. It’s catchy, its authentic and my word does it sit comfortably in your ears. It’s craftsmanship at it’s finest, and it feels like a new direction for Quinn that will see the expressionism of Sam unlock the full potential of each and every track that will follow.

It’s a moment of absolute joy when listening and visually it provides a totally different type of feel. It’s random, it’s quirky and I guess the easiest way to explain it is that it’s just Quinn… The video isn’t trying to be something that it’s not and that really appeals to me as a music fan. Sam knows what works and he doesn’t shy away from owning everything about that fact in both his performances on record and his performances in music videos. Tell me the last time you saw someone be as carefree as to make a music video quite as unique as that? What’s the message through watching the video? I’m not sure either! But my god does it look like he’s had a good time!

This has all of the potential to bring greatness, and I’m sure that Sam has noticed this for himself.

*open to your interpretation of music… Great music that is.

Photo credit Bryony Williams

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