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EP Review: R Is For Redemption // Sean Grinsell

The solo project of US-based multi-instrumentalist, Sean Grinsell‘s unique sound is evident in all the songs he releases. Alright, so he only has a single EP to his name but the eclecticism makes you feel as if you’re wading through several genres in 20 minutes. Aspiring to be a musician from his first year of college, Sean worked his way up to deliver something original and authentic. It’s true he was rejected by a musical group, but his independence is much better delivered through this new project. Featured on Sinusoidal Music and Edgar Allan Poets, Sean’s music is reaching a wide audience. We introduce you to the artist with his debut EP R is for Redemption.

Unique in that it was recorded entirely on his mobile phone with composition and mixing being completed on GarageBand and SoundTrap, it is safe to say Sean Grinsell is a DIY artist. Showcasing not only his innovativeness as a producer but also as a musician, R is for Redemption moves from high-paced jazz to darker alternative rock, grunge and some indie-folk in only five tracks. Influenced by artists like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Stevie Ray Vaughn, R is for Redemption takes you back to the 70s rock scene with a contemporary flair.

While many people are not interested in instrumental albums, Sean Grinsell shows that piano-based songs (without lyrics) can be more intriguing than those with vocals. Demonstrating his skill with keyboards, drums, bass and guitars, this EP is raw musical talent at its best. The piano does play a prominent role but spectacularly so. My favourite track is ‘Refraction’ with what Sean describes as “…musical fireworks” at the end. It’s a blast to your ears and is intoxicating in its complexity.

‘Refraction’ may be my favourite track on R is for Redemption, but the other tracks have an appeal of their own. Sean’s aim is to “…tell a story without using words” which is why the various songs have different styles – a sonic narrative illustrating separate parts of the tale. The thing is, while there are dominant differences between the parts of the journey it all comes together as a unified whole. Moving from loud and attention-grabbing ‘Rogue’, Sean moves along a melancholic route representing tragedy in ‘Rift’ and comes out at the end with the blasting ‘Refraction’.

This is Sean’s first EP and the only singles released under his name. If his future work is similar to his present stuff then I can’t wait to see what Sean has in store.

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