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Ragmans Daughter Release "Lazy"

As the music industry slowly crawls back into gear after the festive period, we take a look at a new artist on the rise titled Ragmans Daughter. Based in West London and consisting of Leon Dee, Jesse James and Rory Gillan, Ragmans Daughter have already gone on to appear on BBC Introducing and are set for promising things throughout 2018.
‘Lazy’ blends guitar tones with a subject matter that the band describes as being about “ex bosses, ex girlfriends, family, and therapy”. As far as debut tracks go, this one is fantastic and provides a foundation for the band to build on. The guitar work is spacious, balanced and vibrant, providing a retro and classic tone amongst a modern feel. ‘Lazy’ offers listeners a personality, one that is aching to much of the best up-and-coming tracks that found their way onto airwaves and blogs throughout 2017. The trio have managed to provide a uniqueness to their personality though with what feels like a crunchy, distorted vocal. This distorted, crunchy feel cuts through the track and could almost be a metaphor for the message carried throughout.

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