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SAHARAS channel stratospheric tones on ‘Feel Better’

Alright, strap yourself in for this. It amazes me that I have found somewhere to start with how incredibly insane the latest track, ‘Feel Better‘ by SAHARAS is. With the four-piece continuing their pursuit of an all-encompassing sound that gravitates you towards their infused, tonally-rich flavours.

SAHARAS – Feel Better

The blueprint, however, is firmly placed by previous tracks such as ‘Sweat’ and ‘Shake My Fever’. On one hand, The foundation contains nostalgia, passion and a love and understanding of structure. This provides identity for SAHARAS. Coming from their careful, patient detailing of each individual column of the structure that forms their tracks. In essence, what you get from SAHARAS is a work of art that splashes a canvas with colour in absolute abundance.

Luckily enough, this is not solely limited to a splash of colour. There is a vibrant, upbeat vibe that is surrounding a spacious, atmospheric outlay. With a sense of journey and the want to belong. And it is that sense of wholesomeness that makes SAHARAS an easy favourite when looking at emerging artists. Yes, I could detail each aspect that makes them ideal candidates for such a title. But it is already right here. It is raw, uncut and extremely sensual. In all seriousness, what more do you need from a band? You get such energy, such meaningful transitions and all-encompassing love of sound from the track in its entirety. ‘Feel Better‘ is finely tuned, finely crafted and expertly delivered.


The soundscapes are always wholesome, always alluring and constantly impressive. You just KNOW when it is a SAHARAS track. It is undoubtedly their best, catchiest and most memorable work to date. With all the hallmarks of a great track, this will be seen as the springboard to bigger and brighter opportunities further down the road.

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