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Screams From The Sun Provide A Chilled and Atmospheric Vibe On Their Debut Single ‘Night Dream’

Screams From The Sun are a synthpop/rock band from London. Counting 30 Seconds To MarsImagine Dragons and The 1975 amongst their influences. With such influences, it should come as little surprise that their debut track Night Dream is something which provides tonality and a relaxed texture throughout.

You’ll be able to hear the influences that have inspired this spacious and melodic piece throughout the three-minute duration of this track. Creating something memorable seems to be anything but a problem for Screams From The Sun.

The track has a steady backbeat that is supported by a funky bassline that you’ll find yourself tapping along to in no time. The vocals are not trying to be something that they aren’t, they feel slightly subdued and don’t feel as powerful as other releases by similar artists. But then again, this all feels apart of the plan. It’s mellow, it’s chilled and it seems to fit the overall goal of the track which delivers in abundance.

It is different from my usual listening habits. But if music and the steady stream of emerging artists provide one thing, it’s an inventiveness to combine great elements and deliver something in a genre that draws attention from afar. This is what Screams From The Sun have done with “Night Dream“, and it’s been a pleasure to come across this duo and their debut track.

Featured photo by: Francesca Frances Nespoli

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