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SHANGHAI BLUES Latest Track 'Fall' Might Be Their Best Yet.

SHANGHAI BLUES are well established by now as a band who always find fantastic new ways to make an impact with each new release that they bring to the ears of the masses. With this in mind, allow me to introduce you to the latest track titled ‘Fall’. A three and a half-minute, multi-layered monster of a track consisting of high energy and vibes that will certainly not pass you by.
Shanghai Blues - Camden Portraits - London - 11.01.2018-95
The last time that we featured SHANGHAI BLUES we covered their track ‘Tense’, which you can view Here. The band have since gone on to release a further two singles which all show progression and maturity in the way in which the band continue to improve. Single ‘Those Three Words’ is a masterpiece in its own right. Showcasing the most delicate side yet to the band of four when observing their cataologue of tracks. The band allow a stripped back flavour to emerge in an emotionally charged and deeply thoughtful release. Coupled this with riffs towards the end of the track and you’ve got the recipe for pulling any and all emotion that you have left inside you out.

Follow this with further subtle playing on track ‘Swim’ and you’d be forgiven in thinking that the band had released these tracks with more than three months between each release. The haunting nature of ‘Swim’ further develops this feeling of searching and understanding. With the magic of presenting itself on swathes of colour, timbre and undeniable passion, you will have a hard time in selecting which track is better between latest release ‘Fall’ and ‘Swim’.
‘Fall’ feels as if a lot more is happening in the foreground, with ‘Swim’ containing a lot more reverberant characteritsics which feels as if it creates depth. On the other hand, ‘Fall’ feels like it appears right infront of your face and makes it such a difficult track to miss. I like to think that these are concious edits made in the mix, to give the impression of depth to the ocean when imagining someone trying to stay afloat. Where as the impact of telling someone that they might fall always manages to hit home, something that ‘Fall’ does with ease.
In terms of being the best track by the band yet? It’s a hard one to call. What ‘Swim’ manages to do in subtly and emotion, ‘Fall’ equals in pure brovado and energy, and I would easily select these two as my favourite. It all boils down to taste and perhaps what you are looking to gain out of a track at that moment in time with your current mood. Analysis and debate aside, all I know is that the band have produced amazing tracks. With these two taking top position, and deservedly so.
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