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Silver Relics Deliver Exeptional Album With ‘generic.’

So there I am. Blistering hot Saturday, looking at the emails for Nexus after having some time in the garden in the sun, wanting a chilled evening. As I’m glancing through email in my inbox I stumble across a band called Silver Relics. Feeling intrigued, I open up the email and would you believe it, I find an album that provides me with the right amount of chill and the right amount of engagement.

As the brainchild of Alex Sepassi and Justin Alvis, ‘generic.’ is a combination of influences that can be plucked out and acknowledged with ease. Arctic Monkeys is one of the first, defining bands that shine through. Especially in tracks such as Gridlock with a driving, pulsating sound to the intro. This carries over to the initial distorted vocal performance of the track and has you hooked for the duration.

There are vibes of Oasis weaved throughout the album, with tracks such as Submarine being a stand out example as well as Generic.

There is a lot to love about this album. The pacing of the tracks, the correct balance between heavier hitting tracks, anthems and inspired productions.

Silver Relics can be proud of their commitment to this body of work. It is something that I have enjoyed coming across and listening too. I hope the band continue to grace their audience with inspired listening material.

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