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Table Scraps bring a furious mix of rage and fuzz on stunning new album ‘Autonomy’

Table Scraps are going to make it huge this year. The Birmingham-based garage rock band have been gaining a hell of a lot of support from the likes of BBC 6Music’s Steve Lamacq and Lauren Laverne while their music is an explosion of punky fuzz with a ferocity that keeps the listener firmly switched on. This is evident on their second album ‘Autonomy’ which was released on Friday. Clocking in at an impressive 28 minutes, the album grabs the listener straight away, every track bursting with a rip-roaring energy that’ll sweep you off your feet.
Things get off to a flyer with raucous opener ‘Sick of Me’. The snappy drums coupled with the lo-fi production pack a massive punch. It’s addictive as hell, while the chorus of “Are you sick, very sick, very sick, very sick of me?” is possibly a contender for the catchiest chorus of 2018 as it worms its way into your head. This is followed by the one-two punch of ‘Always Right’ and ‘I’m a Failure.’ The former is chaotic and brimming with confidence, with the dual vocals playing alongside each other perfectly. The latter appears to step away from the lo-fi production and into the realms of something really fucking huge. The guitars are beefed up in the mix, containing a stunning visceral intensity, while the band embraces their pop sensibilities to create a superb wall of sound. Lyrically it talks about the narrator’s anxiety that they’re a failure, summed up in the chorus: “I’m a failure / I hate everything I do.” The guitar solo adds an air of originality and a fresh feel to the record. ‘Takin’ Out the Trash; with its rumbling post-punk bassline and spooky reverb is another banger with an insanely catchy hook.
“Keep me guessing, keep me guessing” sings Scott Vincent Abbott on ‘My Obsession’, a snarling ball of fuzz that encapsulates the album perfectly. This track contains a captivating melody, the prominent bass in the mix coupled with the surf rock overtones makes for an unnerving listen. There are also elements of riot grrrl in ‘Treat Me Like Shit’, featuring heavy distortion matching the emotion in the lyrics.
‘Autonomy’ is a rager of a record, demonstrating Table Scraps DIY aesthetic superbly. It’s a record for those who like passion and integrity in their music, and Table Scraps have this in spades. Definitely worth your time and attention.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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