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Tancred Releases Latest Track 'Something Else'.

Tancred is a fresh new artist on Nexus Music Blog and we welcome her with open arms. Her latest offering in the form of the track ‘Something Else‘ is a phenomenal introduction and precursor to the 1st June release of her latest album Nightstand.
Tancred is the brainchild of Mainz based talent Jess Abbott. Jess has had previous praise for her 2016 release titled “Out of The Garden” which saw her become a much more confident person, with this new found confidence firmly shining throughout.

Perhaps then it is the confidence that has been conveyed on “Out of The Garden” which has paved the way for such a beautifully crafted release in ‘Something Else’. The vocals feel effortless and dare we say the harmonies fit perfectly with the feel of the song.
The track throws around its weight around and makes no allowances for its attitude as it drives itself to the core of your ears and it will undoubtedly spike a lot of interest from fans and reviewers alike.
If this is the first offering that we get to listen too here on Nexus, then we say ‘bring on the album!’

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