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The Black Roses Show Their Potential On ‘El Diablo’

El Diablo is the latest track to be released by London based four piece ‘The Black Roses‘. Consisting of members Anthony Stevenson (Lead vocals/guitar), Richard Jones (Lead guitar), Mike Goodfellow (Drums) and Val Pean (Bass). The band note their influences as being early Arctic Monkeys,Queens of the Stone Age to The Libertinesand The Strokes.

There is something unique to the band in which every note that gets produced by the lead guitar is filled with attitude and a level of grit that feels alluring. The tonality of the track as a whole means that ‘El Diablo‘ is a fiery release that has qualities a plenty. The Black Roses‘ aren’t ones for keeping quiet and not drawing attention, making their way to the Isle of Wight Festival for the 50th anniversary of the event goes to show that the potential in this band is there for all to see. 

Lyrically? A level of individuality shines through at an incredibly high setting. The vocal feels raw, sounds raw and fits into the over arching soundscape in a way that replicates a band that is set for massive things.

Be sure to give the band a listen and support them across their socials. It won’t be long before you and we hear much more from them.

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