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The Covasettes chat with us about their ‘The September Tour’ which starts today!

Now, you might know of a little band called The Covasettes. If not? Then where have you been! Fear not though my friend. This is a safe space and you are forgiven. Luckily for you, we will provide a little low-down on the four-piece.

The Covasettes
originate from Manchester. Despite the fact that there must be something in the water up there in Manchester with all of the talents that the area produces, The Covasettes are cut from an individual cloth. Made up of members Chris Buxton (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Matt Hewlett (Lead Guitar & Vocals), Jamie McIntyre (Bass & Vocals) and Matt Buckley (Drums/Percussion). The band have taken stock through the Indie genre and built their own ship to ride the ever-growing height of their own waves in deserved fashion.

The Covasettes have built a loyal following. Mainly thanks to their energy, their personality and their ability to stand out as an emerging band. I mean, take a look at the artwork that is featured below for their latest release!

The Covasettes – It’s Always Sunny Above The Clouds.

We caught up with the Manchester-based band and put some questions to them in preparation for today. You know, because we are lovely like that… Just a quick thank you to the gents for chatting to us. We wish them all the best for the month ahead!

1) What is the earliest memory that each of you have regarding your love for music?

Chris: Coldplay Parachutes album- My dad always used to have that on in the car on the way back from football, such good vibes

Matt: Gnarns Barkley – Crazy – In year 6 on the radio. WOW.

Buckley: Being in a car with my uncle singing to Courteeners ‘You overdid it doll’

Jamie: What is love?

2) We see that you all made the decision to move in for the sake of the band. How do you feel this has benefited the band as a whole?

It has definitely brought us all closer together and has given us a sense of purpose, because we have all committed to this band financially.
It has made us set clear goals and in-turn we are always pushing each other to improve and do more.

We also set up our own practice room downstairs so that has definitely helped us!

3) What has been the biggest difference between your previous material and your recent EP ‘It’s Always Sunny Above The Clouds‘?

We didn’t really try to change anything in particular, we just recorded the songs as we’d written them. Our latest releases always come across different sounding to the others because we are always evolving as a band and we’re not scared to change/tweak our sound

This EP was fun because we got to pick 4 songs which were similar in sound, but different. So we had Twit Twoo and You & I which I loved, and we were playing them live, so they were always going to be the two A sides if that makes any sense.

But we needed two more songs and I was trying to write new songs for the EP but none of them felt like they’d right, so we looked back at songs we used to play and Let’s Go and Fine Lines were perfect. We used to play them live all the time before we had a load of releases and the crowd always reacted really well to them, so It turned out perfectly in the end.

It’s proper indie-pop heaven and if I’m being totally honest I think we can delve even deeper.

The Covasettes Tour Dates.

4) Do you have a favourite track in your current catalogue? If so, why?

At the minute I’ve been writing songs that are far more rockier than usual and we have a new song called ‘Spin’ that has unbelievable energy to it. Proper massive song and I cant wait for us to release that.

5) We see that you are extremely humble regarding where you have played previously, mentioning that:

“We’ve played some big venues but we are just as happy with a sweaty backroom of a pub playing for like 40 people who really want to be there.” (

To put that to one side for just a second. What venue would you dream of playing?

– We played leeds arena after being voted most exciting band of 2018, that was unbelievable and if we could go back and sell that out for ourselves that would be a dream come true!

6) You’re off out on tour today! What are the best parts about touring as The Covasettes?

It has to be just meeting fans who have such funny things to say and such amazing stories to tell about us about how our music has affected them, so that’s always amazing.

Also. I love spending time with the lads. We have such a laugh on the road and I always do my best to take it all in because life in a band is so precious and often the best memories I have are the ones where we’re just on a drive having a laugh, or having a beer together after a show. So I have no doubt that this tour will bring some more of that and I can’t wait!

Thanks so much for speaking to me/us, It was fun to answer some well researched questions! Hopefully we’ll catch up soon x

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