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The Covasettes to release refreshing new track ‘Wild’

Based out of Manchester, ‘The Covasettes’ are a four-piece outfit that are at the absolute top of their game.

The band is made up of Chris Buxton (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Matt Hewlett (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Jamie McIntyre (Bass/Vocals) and Matt Buckley (Drums/Percussion) and their upcoming release ‘Wild‘ is an offering right from the textbook of Indie anthems. Providing a reverberant and melodic backbone to an enthusiastic release, ‘Wild‘ promises to be a sensational achievement for the band.

42747561_2018389061557290_8866035001255264256_nGranted, we can’t share it with you yet despite its alluring qualities, but we can reassure you with the notion that what you’re going to hear is something that you’ll absolutely love.

Additionally, if you’re someone who appreciates fine artwork then this will be a welcomed addition to your collection. Just make sure that you book the date of the 12th October in your diaries to be sure to catch a listen to what will be a fantastic release.


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