The Dark Room

The Dark Room: A week in the life of Lisa Knight

05/09/18: Rock ‘n’ Roll Book Club at the Dublin Castle

06/09/18: Some of my photographs have been used in the teaser trailer for Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate’s next album

I also wrote some interview questions for a band called the Saharas

“In an age where music is all about instant gratification, through the desire for perceived commercial success or having unfettered access to online material, do you believe bands are becoming too impatient regarding their desire for mainstream recognition?” 

07/09/18 Editing day for Brain Ape performing at Roadtrip & The Workshop in Shoreditch for Live Circuit

10/09/18: Editing day for That Ray! performing at Bar Wotever

I also wrote some questions for an interview with Kevin Meylemans of Imaginary Dreamers

“I’m very intrigued by the names you’ve used for the two bands you’re in. As dreams are all about imagination, I find it curious that you’ve called yourself “Imaginary Dreamers.” Then there is the use of “superior” with “slave” in Slave Superior. Please can you explain the thinking behind your decision to go with these monikers?” 

11/09/18: Cover reveal for issue 2 of Live Circuit’s fanzine! My photo will be on the cover!!!

I also wrote some questions for an interview about mental health services in the prison system

“Many people believe should treatment should be received more through the use of verbal communication rather than medication. Is this something you subscribe to?” 

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