The Dark Room

The Dark Room: A week in the life of Lisa Knight


Friday 24th August: Publish or party?

I finished work and fully intended on heading to London Bridge to meet Tasha at the Underdog Gallery for a night of psychedelic stoner rock. I’d had a difficult day so I figured I’d change my mood with a couple of beers in an Irish pub in Wembley. Unfortunately, for my social aspirations, writing an article for Nexus Music Blog left me too much in my own head to be in the mood for the company of loud music.

Saturday 25th August: Always take the music with you…. the music with you!

My bank holiday looked like being a quiet one until fate intervened! Well… a wasp actually! One of them flew into my friend’s path while she was cycling and caused her to crash.

I met the wounded cyclist in Kings Cross and walked her home on a journey that involved us taking in some live Jazz being performed on a floating bookstore.

I think the presence of music gave my friend cause to think the universe would find a way to compensate her for any forthcoming discomfort.

I had a hell of a time trying to assist her over the following days because she’s just so fiercely independent.

Sunday 26th August: Insane in the Braiiiiinsane

On Sunday, I headed to Greenwich for band practice with Neverlanded. The guys worked on vocals and general song structure for a while then we studied technique in some music videos while devouring Chinese takeaway.

Monday 27th August: A little bit of casual racism

I might not have gone to the Notting Hill Carnival, but I’ve still emerged from it with stories!

A woman approached me on the underground and asked if I drink. I replied yes and was handed a plastic cup which was filled with some kind of spirit.

I accepted the “down in one” challenge, without delay, which caused some stunned gasps to escape hanging mouths and also prompted a round of applause from my bartender.

A half-caste male declined almost immediately after this exchange so he was asked: “Are you gonna let the White girl embarrass you?”

He said he’d already had more than enough and just wanted to focus on his book.

Tuesday 28th August: Jam in Camden


I’ve been to gigs involving Bill Drury before, but we’ve never actually spoken. That changed in amusing fashion! The singer accidentally knocked against me and when he turned to apologise… recognition filled his eyes.

“You’re that Lisa Knight!

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