The Dark Room

The Dark Room: A week in the life

26/09/18 Franz Ferdinand at the Roundhouse

Franz Ferdinand are a band I’ve loved, for many years, yet failed to follow after their second album. This meant that what should have been enjoyable night was fun but not ultimately as fulfilling as the more intimate shows I’m used to attending.

27/09/18 Weekend Recovery at Fest

Weekend Recovery were an absolute revelation! Their new EP, allied with previous works, showed they can no longer just be classed as punk but now have the ability to perform within multiple genres in the same shows.

28/09/18 Tokyo Taboo at the Finsbury

A night of Pussy Power at the Finsbury as Tokyo Taboo, Healthy Junkies, Yur Mum & PollyPickPoketz absolutely rocked the foundations of the pub! The evening, which was one of the most competitive nights for rival shows that I’ve seen in a long time, went really well with the place filled to capacity right from the start! Sadly, for Camden Rocks, a mistake with an early slot for a popular act supporting Hands Off Gretel meant we also picked up some of A Void’s fans after their appearance in Fest. I’m not sure that sat well with me, but I know plenty stayed regardless of what happened elsewhere.

Highlights? I think that’d have to be when Dolly and I sang at each other.

30/09/18 Mermaids festival at the Shacklewell Arms

The band I manage, Neverlanded, played a one-day festival in aid of raising money for Mermaids. According to a charity spokesperson, £385.61 was raised throughout the evening. This is obviously great news for them and very pleasing for us because we are fully behind their cause.

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