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The Good Neighbors Release ‘Heat of the Fire’

Happy Thursday! yeah, that’s a thing here at Nexus! We like to think we have an amazing community of readers who are all great people. And do you know what a great community needs? (If you haven’t noticed the link I’m going to make by now, you need to read a few more of my articles with my awful jokes) A great community always needs good neighbors! Well luckily for you, the ‘Neighbors’ moving in are bringing some great music with them, and we definitely don’t mind!

Nexus community, meet ‘The Good Neighbors‘. Based out of Buffalo, NY, the three piece have made it their goal to move away from their previous, darker tones and focus more on positive and uplifting vibes.

It’s fair to say that this release provides all of the above. It’s youthful, the artwork for the single is really great and the release feels like it is reminiscing over great times. You can hear the level of detail that the band have put into the track from the very outset. The aim to enhance their understanding and song structure is clear throughout as they pursue the objective of embedding this in their future releases.

The band have taken to their new style like a duck to water, and it’s one of the main reasons that ‘The Good Neighbors‘ make our Nexus VS Tune playlist this week! Be sure to check the band out and let us know what you think of their latest release.

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