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‘The Goods’ Team Up With ‘Touch Sensitive’ for ‘Let’s Roll’

It is only fair that on a Friday you get given some of the best music on offer. It is only fair that similarly, on a Friday we are the ones who aim to bring you that music!

So here we go. Something mellow, something absolutely chilled and full of flavourful vibes that are channelled straight out of the 90’s and reinvented to bring you that Saturday night feeling fresh on a Friday.

Let’s Roll is delivered to our ears by the talent of rising Australian act The Goods, with a little sprinkling of goodness on the electric bass from Michael Di Francesco aka Touch Sensitive. What you have right there is a direction that, if followed going forward, I have no doubt will provide levels of success not yet seen by Let’s Roll. They seem to have hit the nail on the head by teaming up with Touch Sensitive.

For reasons that I can not quite put my finger on, it is partly reminiscent of ‘Little L’ era Jamiroquai. It would be extremely lazy for me to just make the link to a similar sound in the genre alone,because I feel like you could attribute a lot of music to JK and his musical prowess if that were the case.

Perhaps it is the way in which the bass and surrounding instruments effortlessly click? It definitely has something to do with the vibe that the track manages to exude perfectly. But for all of the thought-provoking opportunities that this track provides in the way of potential analysis, it is simply easier to just admit that sometimes a great track is just that, a really great track.

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