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The Latest Typhoon Track 'Darker' Is Incredible…

Typhoon, an indie rock band based out of Portland, Oregon have released their latest track titled ‘Darker’. ‘Darker’ is taken from the bands upcoming album ‘Offerings’ which will be released on the 12th January on Roll Call Records. With one eye on 2018, they have also announced their list of upcoming tour dates of North America and Europe, with dates in the UK including two appearances at London-based venue The Lexington (Feb 27th, Mar 2nd).
As we move on to their latest track, we are willing to be forgiving if you feel that ‘Darker’ contains tones similar to Arctic Monkeys tracks such as ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High’. With a single note, stepped guitar sliding into the track every so often, it adds a feeling of atmosphere and depth to an already memorable track.
Although comparisons can be drawn to the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Typhoon seem to capture the imagination of the listener in a way that feels unique to them. It feels as if the ability to represent a genuine, authentic expression of character holds itself up against the very best of other music and further reinforces the individuality of the band despite taking onboard various influences.
Furthermore,  ‘Darker‘ introduces you to the perfect blending of lyrics, direction, identity and accompanying instrumentation. This blending occurs in such a way that it feels as healthy as a fruit and veg concoction containing all of your five-a-day straight out of a Nutri-Bullet blender. The best part though? ‘Darker‘ is considerably cheaper than a blender, the aforementioned fruit and veg and it is still just as healthy (not official facts, but they should be).
Possible fake news facts aside (remember, classy music publication) ‘Darker‘ is deserving of all plaudits that come its way and we look forward to following the continued rise of the band throughout 2018.

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