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The Pearl Harts ‘Glitter and Spit’ Album Review

The Pearl Harts are brimming with sass and confidence on their debut album, ‘Glitter and Spit’, due out on 23rd February. Influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath and Rage Against the Machine, their infusion of garage rock is packed with harmonies and pop sensibilities. This couldn’t be demonstrated better on “Glitter and Spit”, the 12 tracks on here show a band who have the potential to go onto bigger things with an accessible carefree sound and bags of attitude. The Pearl Harts have received airplay from Kerrang! Radio and toured with Garbage and Skunk Anansie, showing that they mean business.
These are tracks that make the listener feel empowered from the off. Kirsty Lowrey’s gritty raw vocals are a breath of fresh air, the heavy riffs creating a thunderous impact. They work well with Sara Leigh Shaw’s colossal drums to form a tight musical partnership.
The opening tracks, ‘Black Blood’ and ‘Go Hard’ bring a ferocious energy. The latter in particular demonstrates the strong chemistry very well. Kirsty and Sara play off each other brilliantly, the riffs reminiscent of a vibrant party while the drumming is creative and fluid.
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Two-piece bands frequently get compared to Royal Blood and The White Stripes. While The Pearl Harts have received these comparisons, it would be unfair to put them in this category. They have a unique twist to them, the infectious melody alongside the snarling rock n’ roll suiting them down to the ground. At the early point of ‘Glitter and Spit’, the listener is taken on an energetic journey that helps shape the rest of the album. The refrain of “L-A-R-A” in ‘Lara’ is ridiculously catchy while the slow drawl of “Bonfires” demonstrates that they can take their feet off the gas and balance things out nicely.
On the grunge-influenced ‘Lost in Time’, the harmonies are so irresistible that they gravitate their way towards your head, making you feel like you’re taking an epic pilgrimage. ‘Skeletons Made of Diamonds’ contains an assured vocal performance, sucking you in and leaving you wanting more. The heavy distorted guitars create a big wall of sound, you can feel the pace return towards the closing stages. ‘Living’s Done’ is a rager that’s reminiscent of Honeyblood’s heavier elements, the stunning chorus combines brilliantly with pummeling power chords. Topped off with lyrics about living dangerously, the raucous instrumental is a joy to listen to. You can tell that The Pearl Harts had a lot of fun making this record.
‘Glitter and Spit’ is a statement of intent from The Pearl Harts. Full of attitude charisma, and confidence, it takes the listener on an adrenaline-charged ride. Jump on – you won’t be able to get off!
‘Glitter and Spit’ is self-released on February 23rd.
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Photo Credit: Jim Eyre
Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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