The Start of a Great Year for New Music… 2018 into 2019.

Welcome to 2019 everybody! We might be a few days late but who’s really counting? Not us that’s for sure…

Myself (Mike) and the team just want to take a moment out from posting our usual material to wholeheartedly thank you for your support throughout 2018. We managed to obliterate last years target for site visitors and gained a fantastic new following in the process.

2018 saw the launch of many new topics, such as our ‘Nexus Supports‘ feature where we aimed to do more to highlight the various disabilities and health concerns found within individuals in the industry. We covered various individuals and gained a unique insight by doing this which has since helped a wide audience to engage with and discover some of the fantastic individuals that the industry is full of, all whilst battling their own challenges and excelling in their chosen field in the process.

We also provided huge features on festivals this year. Covering Camden Rocks, Isle of Wight and Welsh Fest. It was a monumental task to gain interviews with most of the Isle of Wight performers, but it seems that as an audience, this is one area that you really appreciated! Hopefully, we can expand that list of festivals and interviewees this year with the support of the artists and fans alike.

Lastly, on a more sombre note. The website has taken a slight dip in content recently as my health (Mike) has taken a nose dive to the tail end of last year. I’ve been unable to commit as much as I did to upholding Nexus to the standards that we had built previously. So to any artists that missed out on a review, please do not be disheartened or take it as a sign that myself or the team would not want to feature you. Hopefully going into 2019 I can formulate a way to minimise the issues that my health is having currently, and I can get back to what I know and love. The team have remained fantastic throughout and I couldn’t ask for a group of more caring and thoughtful individuals to give you the content that you see.

I feel that they are a real credit to the industry, with many of them also taking huge leaps in their own career paths and formulating their own sites or working for publications that respect the individuality of character and the formulation of amazing ideas. So thank you, team!

For the meantime though, I hope your festive period was as joyful as it could be and here is to 2019.



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