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Time, The Valuator Team Up With Breathe Atlantis, Resulting In An Incredible Release.

A year on from their last single, Time, The Valuator are back with a vocally driven masterpiece. Teaming up with Nico Schiesewitz from Breathe Atlantis, the lastest track ‘In Control‘ sees the band provide audiences with a dynamic, determined and defiant release which showcases an abundance of talent.

However, do not take my word for it. Although words will go a long way to giving you an insight into an otherwise monumental release, hearing and seeing the music video will all but convince you of how fantastic this tag team of emerging titans is.

The track provides a bouncy and furious energy which is all but reflected in the music video. Starting in an underground car park which is dimly lit, the passionate performances of each member are put in the spotlight, providing as much energy throughout the video as the track itself.

There is an underlying sense of desperation throughout ‘In Control‘ which is portrayed in unique fashion through this blending of bands in Nico from Breathe Atlantis and Phil from Time, The Valuator. The vocal blending works so well in providing both an energy to merit the desperation, but also a respite, this being due, in part, to the vocals being softly spoken. This makes that desperation all the more real, with the various phases of lyrics being spoken, which contrasts to the shouting feel like a difference of opinion. Offering an alternative to the loudness and ease of listening to desperation over reason.

The track as a whole is a gift to fans of both bands, but also to new audiences. We here at Nexus are new to both of these bands, but it’s fair to say that without knowing all of the background, this is teamwork and a level of performance that I personally would love to see again.

The album, which will be released via Long Branch Records in Europe, and Famined Records around the rest of the world, can be pre-ordered here.

Featured Image Credit: Armed With Memories – Alina Nolte Visuals

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