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Toby Burton To Release Timeless EP 'Fall Into You' Following Latest Single 'The Middle'

Toby Burton may not be a name that is at the forefront of your mind when bringing together a list of the most current emerging talent. But following his latest release of ‘The Middle‘, this looks set to change.
With an incredible single such as ‘The Middle‘, which sees a lot of feeling, passion and incredible vocals it will not be long before bigger opportunities begin to appear on the horizon for this truly talented singer-songwriter. At the young age of twenty, it feels as if there is an incredible path ahead if this current showing of dynamic, engaging and extremely well-balanced production and arrangement continues.

We are no strangers to applauding nostalgic qualities within tracks and this feels so timeless. The balance between the female backing vocals, the main vocal, the instruments. The arrangement is so perfectly balanced with the texture of the track being complimented so well within the mix. it’s really difficult to not appreciate this track for what it truly is, something just fantastic and refreshing.
It’s not trying to be too much of one thing. ‘The Middle‘ is just pure, honest and thoughtful in equal measure.
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This single exudes character and builds on what is going to be a really amazing release for Toby when his EP ‘Fall Into You‘ is due to come out on June 1st. We are willing to let you know that this single by Toby is not a one-off. The high level of songwriting is a constant across the entire EP with an easy listening feel that is reminiscent of Bon Ivor through his ‘For Emma Forever Ago‘ period or even Passenger.
Granted, it isn’t as edgy as Bon Ivor and isn’t a replica of his sound nor is it trying to be. But what it is? Is an absolute pleasure to listen to, and is something that will be easy to recommend for your summer playlist.

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