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Track Review: Tomato Potato // Kid Souf

Beginning with a burning desire to become a Disney singer, Kid Souf embraced songwriting at a young age. In fact, his songwriting began before he hit the age of 10 – I know, young right? Unfortunately, he didn’t become a Disney singer but rather became the lead singer for the group 46 Sherman performing local shows throughout Philadelphia. Now, he moves along with a solo project incorporating a contextual vibe in his engaging music. The latest addition to his well-received discography is ‘Tomato Potato’.

Following his pop-influenced single ‘Better As Friends’, Kid Souf retains a disco-pop sound in ‘Tomato Potato’. Yet, while there is a strong pop vibe, the latest single incorporates elements of jazz and soul taking me back to the 1970s pop scene. Far more sophisticated than the previous track, ‘Tomato Potato’ expands Kid Souf’s repertoire evolving to a more mature melody but with the same innocence. Produced by David Uosikkinen (The Hooters), there is an interesting instrument arrangement offering each element in the song prominence and coming together as a unified whole.

With rich, bold vocals, Kid Souf adds warmth to the abstract song. Looking at society, love and the influence of himself on all aspects, ‘Tomato Potato’ is far more than a mere ballad. He asks if the protagonists “can talk”, but the intimacy of this narrative extends far beyond the surface of a relationship. Kid Souf shares that he has “…found loving relationships to have this cyclical nature while we figure out our love language.” – a search for acceptance and understanding within a “push and pull” approach.

Along with the single, Kid Souf released a music video bringing the underlying theme of “push and pull” to the surface. The video is one about boxing but reviews the roles between boxer and trainer. The need to compromise and overall functioning as separate entities in a single relationship. It’s interesting and can be seen on Kid Souf’s Youtube channel.

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