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Towers of London Produce Amazing Performance on "Superbowl".

It has long been said here at Nexus that we are big fans of Towers of London. The band themselves have a way of producing tracks that shine a light on the amazing potential that the group have. Towards the end of 2017 they produced the brilliant single ‘Shot In The Dark‘ which went on to be placed amongst Premier League stadium playlists. Also becoming Virgin Radio’s “Track of The Week“.
In the normal, quiet routine that Towers of London like to take with their releases, they have again kicked the door of progress off the hinges and entered the room on a wave of sound that provides a frequency that everyone can get on board with. In an almost humorous and timely fashion, the band have released their track “Superbowl” in time for the actual Superbowl, matched by our review of the track after the Superbowl (genius…..).
The track has a message that reaches out to the audience, making them think about how they can be a spectacle as big as the Superbowl itself. The track is well constructed and feels respectful of wanting to relay the message, all of which is reflected when analysing the playing field of the arrangement (Superbowl reference and a bad joke, check). The arrangement consists of catchy riffs, steady drum patterns, reverse effects, organs and so much more. This is what makes focusing on the arrangement particularly interesting, that the idea of space is that much more important with various elements being introduced. Even vocal shouts from the band themselves, all piecing together to create this wonderful portrait of sound with high octane energy and a timely release to match.

The irony of this track being titled Superbowl is that it is stadium ready. It is punchy and it does provide a great atmosphere when it is played. But it wouldn’t be a complete package without a video to match, and the music video stars various celebrities and the band in comical fashion.
It is fair to say that the thought put into this record makes it a hit with new and old audiences alike. So only one question remains, ‘Are You Superbowl?’.
Be sure to check out the video below:
Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 15.04.18

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