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Track of the Week: 99 PERCENT // Alan Dreezer

Described by The Other Side Reviews as “a fantastic blend of pop and contemporary soul”, singer-songwriter Alan Dreezer is turning heads with a unique sound. With experience in the music industry, Alan began writing songs with his best friend when he was 18 years old; however, he left the scene a few years later when the band dissolved. In 2016, he began tinkering with a solo project and from 2019 to 2023 he released critically acclaimed original material, performed several well-received live shows, and his single ‘BUTTERFLY’ won the ’Best Pop Song 2022’ by Indie Boulevard Magazine. The latest addition to his discography is the single ’99 PERCENT’.

A collaborative project with producer Elliot Richardson, ’99 PERCENT’ is a nostalgic single drawing together the best of old-school funk, soul and pop. A hint of George Michael’s 80s-style pop acts as a melodic foundation oozing upbeat, toe-tapping vibes. Yet, while the melody is awesome as a pop song, the insertion of horns truly makes ’99 PERCENT’ a unique experience. A sound of yesteryear, I can easily feel the essence of Earth, Wind and Fire, as well as Chicago slivering through the track.

While the instrumentation tosses me back to 70s and 80s funk, it is the harmonic vocal execution that really makes ’99 PERCENT’ special. Interestingly enough, Alan’s rich vocals bring listeners a solid modern-day pop tone, but it also enhances the old-school funkiness of the track. Combine the melody with Alan’s voice and you have something to get you up and dancing. Listening to ’99 PERCENT’ is like being twirled about in a kaleidoscopic haze and you love every second.

Bold, powerful and soothing with a cheeky flair, it’s easy to see (or rather hear) why Alan Dreezer’s ’99 PERCENT’ is our Track of the Week. Alan’s song may be called ’99 PERCENT’ but it’s awesomeness is a full-on 100%.

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