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Track of the Week: Awaken // Under Delusion

If Shinedown and Halestorm were to have a lovechild then Under Delusion would definitely be it. Reputed for their powerhouse vocals, hard-hitting melodies and almost palpable passion for music, the Moscow-based band is not one to be ignored. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Rising Artists Blog, We Write About Music, Edgar Allan Poets, Headbangers News, Roadie Music and various playlists, Under Delusion is reaching audiences on an international level. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed discography is the single ‘Awaken’.

Known for exploring conceptual themes in their music, Under Delusion reflects on issues of humanity, reality and existential truths. Their songs connect with listeners on different levels oozing profoundness and passion, and this is particularly true in their new song ‘Awaken’. Following the track ‘Cry Another Day’, ‘Awaken’ adopts a more upbeat, energetic tone as compared to the haunting darkness of ‘Cry Another Day’. Mixing powerful guitar riffs with dynamic synths and pounding drums, the melody has both an ethereal and “in your face” sound. The guitar is particularly prominent showcasing Under Delusion’s hard rock style, but the synths lean toward a more electronic rock design. A true indication of Under Delusion’s innovativeness.

While the melody certainly captivates your senses, it is the melodic layering of female vocals atop rock instrumentation that keeps me interested. With the force of Lzzy Hale and the vulnerability of Amy Lee, there is a hard-hitting innocence flowing from the lead vocals. Yet, while the song almost punches you with the powerful execution, the poetic lyricism adds a sense of introspection, reflection and sincerity. Living in a time of uncertainty, taking a step back to review all the bad things can be a good thing; a sense of understanding, if you will.

From the aggressive melody to the haunting vocals, ‘Awaken’ is a song that can send chills down your spine.

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