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Track of the Week: Bad Bones // Jester Society

The creative collaboration of Alessandro (lead vocals), Marco (guitar and synths), BRAVO (bass, keyboard and synths) and WHITE (drums), Jester Society shares their melting pot of sound with the masses. Initially conceived in 2018, the Italy/UK foursome draw together their cultural diversity in their electropop music. Featured on, The Other Side Reviews and various online radios/playlists, the talented foursome are reaching people on an international level. In fact, it is not only a virtual connection but live performances with Jester Society performing across Europe. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Bad Bones’.

The first release since their well-received single ‘.cynicalcritical’, Jester Society tosses you into a kaleidoscopic soundscape with the single ‘Bad Bones’. Combining powerful beats and synths with keyboards, the track is definitely made for the underground dance clubs of Berlin. Yet, there seems to be a darker, more intense quality to the song with the gruff and intense vocals. Still upbeat with a toe-tapping beat, ‘Bad Bones’ appears to be quite jovial but there is a juxtaposition of melancholic lyricism within the melody. I find this to illustrate Jester Bones’ depth as an artist.

A conceptual piece exploring capitalist society and its dystopian end, ‘Bad Bones’ has a hard-hitting message in its elegant poetry. Jester Society shares that the track “…is a carnal danse macabre around the fire of the age of excess. The song reveals the fragility of progress through a series of images showing the duality of fun and the toxicity of materialism. The dance rhythm represents the ticking clock; a countdown towards the ultimate tipping point.”

Not one for dance music, I would probably avoid Jester Society with their electronic sound; however, the band has shown me how profound it can be. It is not merely some synths bunched together atop a steady beat with some humming vocals. No, it is insightful, reflective, poignant and sophisticated and I’m thrilled to have found Jester Society.

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